We are living in the Anthropocene Era. Humans are the single greatest force influencing events in Earth’s biosphere and have become the defining characteristic of our time. 

In the coming decades, we expect a “perfect storm” of highly disruptive, nearly simultaneous change in the areas of climate change, resource depletion, energy systems, and the way the capital and money systems interact with natural resources. Together, they represent the greatest change, with the greatest impact, affecting the greatest number of people in the shortest period of time ever.

We believe that a successful response to this coming period of disruption must 


include the adoption of a new relationship to the life support systems of the planet--one in which the sum total of human activity generates a net-positive rather than a net-negative impact on those natural resources that are critical to supporting human life. As the reality of our situation becomes more widely understood in the coming years and decades, we predict that vast sums of capital will flow into controlling those critical resources. 

Regenerative Real Estate exists to facilitate our transition to a new era of regenerative agriculture through agricultural land deals that leave more life behind than they extract.