Introducing Regenerative Land Development

Regenerative Real Estate adds value to ranchland assets by boosting the bio-capacity of soils through a whole-ecosystem approach. We work with land-owners, real estate investors and grazing managers, acting as regenerative designer, project developer and real estate developer.


Existing Land Owners

Revitalize your land and increase its value.

America’s agricultural land is depleting faster than it can naturally regenerate--as a result of use, misuse and disuse.

Land value is perishable. Chances are, your land is losing long-term value, even as its asset value is rising with the current market. As widespread depletion continues to stress agricultural productivity, land values will increasingly be tied to productivity and ecosystem health.

Regenerative Real Estate works with existing land owners in innovative, multi-year management contracts that result in:

  • greater biomass production

  • decreased bare ground

  • better soil permeability

  • higher biodiversity and ecosystem services stability

  • higher soil carbon

  • minimized erosion

  • massively improved water retention

  • increased livestock carrying capacity and stocking rates

  • higher lease revenue and land value

The cost is minimal and Regenerative Real Estate earns profit in proportion to the performance of your land.

Call us for an initial consultation to see what we can do for you.


Real Estate Investors

The US is losing its arable land. This will precipitate a food crisis that will affect your children and your children's children. If you want to capitalize on it, you can't wait until it's obvious. That will be too late.

Regenerative Real Estate is pioneering a new way to invest in land assets designed to capitalize not only on the continuing decline in arable land per capita, but also on the intrinsic value of healthy, productive land in an age of resource depletion.

We can help you:

  • analyse existing portfolios

  • identify and evaluate acquisition targets

  • place expert management on your land to regenerate it’s health and add value

  • transform the health of your assets

Impact Investors

Invest in ecosystem services results

Regenerative Real Estate can help you leverage the social and environmental impact of your philanthropic, PRI or direct investments.

By funding loan guarantees, risk mitigation and direct land regeneration costs, you can participate in the birth of a new vital industry that will transform agriculture in the next 100 years.

Put your capital to work increasing:

  • biodiversity

  • carbon sequestration

  • water retention

  • ecosystem service function

  • health of rural economies